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FIrBS Membership Types

 Members (M-FIrBS)

To be qualified for regular (full) membership, a Bioscience or Biomedical Societies who have been certified by Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) or Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME).


Associate Members (AM-FIrBS)

Associate membership is for legal, governmental organizations (GO), nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and private sectors, worldwide, who are actively engaged in Bioscience and Biomedical education, research and technology.


Student Members (SM-FIrBS)

A Student membership is for legal and verified worldwide student societies who are established in Bio-science, Bioscience-related departments or student societies are interested in to be active in the field    


Honorary Members (HM-FIrBS)

Any member may propose for the consideration of the FIrBS the name of an eminent senior scientist in Bioscience or related areas who is deemed to be worthy of an award of honorary membership.


International Membership (IM-FIrBS)

To be qualified for International membership, Bioscience or Biomedical Societies worldwide should have been certified by an appropriate organization in their own countries. International members are equivalently involved in the FIrBS activates as the Member Societies (M-FIrBS).  


Required documents for starting membership process:

1. Request Letter

2. Completed FIrBS membership Form. 

3. Society Statute approved by a legal organization in the related country. 

4.  List of current Board members

5. Society LOGO (with good quality)



FIrBS Membership Form (FA)