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Meeting on invasive species and climate change

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  • Date: 1400/08/12

Meeting on invasive species and climate change

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, coinciding with Glasgow Climate Change Conference, an online meeting on "Invasive Species and Climate Change" was held by the Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Specialized Clinic), the Federation of Iran Bioscience Societies (FIrBS) and the Fisheries Research Institute.

Climate change is the global phenomenon from which Iran is no exception and its effects can be traced in all aquatic and terrestrial habitats and on flora and fauna. To restore and preserve resources and biodiversity, the management and planning of any development, including agriculture and industry should be water-based. In this regard, because of the dispersion of invasive species and intensification of their effects due to climate change, it is necessary to prevent their introduction, and apply the native species and nature-compatible solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum biological effects. The management decisions should be planned based on watershed and should be adjusted and implemented according to the existing conditions and problems that have arisen to correct and eliminate the challenges of action and development plans by employing technical experts. Finally, the database of native, non-native, allowable and unallowable species, the environmental risk assessment of non-native species before the introduction of the species, as well as internal movements, and the extensive scientific monitoring in terms of invasion and hosting of pests and diseases for the introduced non-native species were emphasized.

Also, the book "Biodiversity and ecology of invasive non-native and alien species with a view to climate change", one of the few books in Persian on invasive species published by the Fisheries Research Institute, was introduced to the participants. The meeting was attended by faculty members of the universities and research institutes, as well as the students and environmentalists, and was welcomed by more than 120 people.

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World Climate Change Day

  • Source: admin
  • Date: 1400/08/01

A scientific memoir of Dr. Mahnaz Rabbani, a faculty member of the Fisheries Science Research Institute, will be published on the occasion of World Climate Change Day.