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Implementation of Preliminary Evaluation of the Project of “water transfer from the Caspian Sea to the Iranian Central Plateau” by the FIrBS-Biodiversity Committee

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  • Date: 1398/12/05

ٌwater transfer from the Caspian Sea to the Iranian Central Plateau

 In order to play a scientific, specialized role and protect the Motherland environmental resources, the Biodiversity Committee of the Iranian Association of Biological Sciences (FIrBS) and the Iranian Scientific Union of Natural Resources and Environment (ISUNE), with the efforts country's scientists, implemented and submitted the report "Preliminary Evaluation of the Proposed Plan of Transmission of Water from the Caspian Sea to the Central Plateau of Iran" to the relevant authorities during the autumn and winter of 1398. While thanking and appreciating the efforts by Dr. Maryam Shahbazi, the Honorable Secretary of the Biodiversity Committee and the scientists involved in the preparation of the document, FIrBS will inform news related to the subject and the outcome of the action.

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