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Holding the 21st National and 9th International Congress on Biology

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  • Date: 1399/12/03

Congress on Biology

The 21st National Congress and the 9th International Congress of Biology of Iran "in order to achieve the goals of the Sixth Document of Scientific Development and the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the aim of creating an atmosphere of interaction and scientific thinking between researchers and scientists at the national and international levels. With the slogan "Integrated Biology: Convergence for Sustainable Development" was held virtually from February 17 to March 22 in collaboration with Semnan University and the Iranian Biology Society.

In this congress, which was held in 4 axes of plant sciences, animal sciences, cellular and molecular sciences and environmental protection, about 800 articles were received and 700 of them were presented in the form of lectures and posters. Also, except for the keynote speakers, at least one international section was held at all conferences with the cooperation of Iranian and foreign scientists, researchers and students. Six workshops were among the special events on the sidelines of the Congress. At the closing ceremony of the Congress, the President of the FIrBS while appreciating the Iranian Biology Society and Semnan University in holding this glorious conference, gave a speech entitled " The need for Synergy and Cooperation of the Bioscience Societies in Sustainable Development." Explaining the need to develop organized and purposeful cooperation of thinkers and bioscience  societies  in the country to provide the components of sustainable development, and emphasized that the expansion and promotion of this cooperation is very important in the present time.

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