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The FIrBS’s Advisory Group to investigate the effects of Trawl fishing in the Sea of Oman on ecosystems and biodiversity

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  • Date: 1399/08/16

The FIrBS-Advisory Group to investigate the effects of Trawl fishing in the Sea of Oman

The Federation of Iran Bioscience Societies (FIrBS), based on impacts of trawl fishing on the aquatic communities, organized a working group "Trawl fishing" with the participation of scholars and experts in the field of marine biology, biodiversity, fisheries and marine environment. The first virtual meeting of experts and exchange of views was held on Wednesday, November 5, 2020.  After discussing the subject and objectives of this advisory group by Dr. Alireza Sari (Secretary of the Committee), Dr. Asghar Abdoli (Chairman of the Fisheries Organization-Working Group in the Environment Faction of the Parliament), Dr. Seyed Mohammad Bagher Nabavi (faculty member of the Khorramshahr University of Marine Sciences and Technology), Dr. Fereioon Owfi (faculty member of Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute), and professors and other experts from Universities, the Environmental Protection Organization  exchanged views on ecological aspects and fishing technology.

The main discussed topics are: the effects of trawling on sustainable fishing and pelagic and benthic zones organisms, modernizing fishing gears, integrated fishing management and illegal fishing control, continuous monitoring of fish catch and stocks, evaluation of the past and present situation using the existing data and application of modeling to predict the future, fishing community and experts participations in decision-making, legal gaps on implementation of laws. The task of the advisory group is preparing a document using experts' knowledge and experiences in this topic and presenting the report to relevant organizations and officials for continuous and scientific follow-up of trawling and its effects and magnitudes on the ecosystems, biodiversity and its socio-economic consequences on the local community.


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