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Coinciding with World Habitat Day, the Commemoration of Henrik Majnonian was held with the participation of the UN-HABITAT

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  • Date: 1399/07/30

The Commemoration of Henrik Majnonian was held

Coinciding with the World Habitat Day and the International Teacher's Day, the commemoration ceremony of Professor Henrik Majnonian for the sincere efforts of this living memory by the FIrBS and the Union of Natural Resources and Environment Associations of Iran (ISUNE), in cooperation with Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and with the support of UN-HABITAT and the University of Tehran was held virtually on 14 October.

At the beginning, Dr. Maryam Shahbazi, Secretary of FIrBS Biodiversity Working Group, while welcoming the audience and dedicating this ceremony to the immortal soul of the late Henrik Majnonian, introduced this enduring figure and said: in addition to teaching and writing academic reference books and publishing IUCN guidelines, has worked as an expert for a long time with the Environmental Protection Agency and with a full knowledge of the country's natural habitats, in selecting and developing the network of protected areas. Professor Majnonian due to executive, educational, research and extension activities in developing the concept of land protection, network development of protected areas, training of protection staff and experts in parks and areas in the country throughout the post-revolutionary period and profound impact, Dr. Shahbazi also added. He has played an important role in shaping the country's environmental culture and literature in the field of nature protection and living, she continued. He has promoted many strategies and initiatives for the protection and management of protected areas and national parks in the past three decades.


Dr. Mehdi Mazaheri, Secretary General of the National Committee for Human Habitat in the Islamic Republic of Iran, who has recently been appointed as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the UN-HABITAT Human Housing Program at the United Nations, attended the ceremony,  commemoraed the living memory of passed Majnonian. He emphasized on the urgent need for cities to adapt to this staggering expansion, referring to the increase in population and the expansion of urbanization and the settlement of more than 70% of the world's population in urban areas in the middle of this century. Meeting the real needs of human settlements in the coming years calls for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions with a vision of sustainable urban development. "Obviously due to land constraints on the one hand and rapid urbanization, population growth, economic development, persistent food, water and energy insecurity and the effects of natural and man-made disasters on the other hand competition for land," he added.  He Also continued that; the pressure to change the use and occupation of rural lands and natural areas such as pastures, wetlands and forests is increasing as a result of global population growth, climate change, declining soil fertility and the need for global food security and energy. To address these challenges, the UN-HABITAT UNHCR focuses on the development of international urban and territorial planning guidelines and guidelines around the world, taking into account local characteristics and needs.

Dr. Ali Selajgeh, president of ISUNE, in describing Master Majnonian, said that he loved his land and its habitats, and with his way of life, he engraved his role on the abandonment of the country's natural resources forever. He went on to say that ISUNE and FIrBS the pledge in memory of this eminent master that we will pursue our mission of preserving the Country's natural resources and environment, and that we will write, speak and stand as men in this way.

Dr. Hamidreza Rezaei, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Gorgan University, who was a student of Majnonian, stated the importance of his writings in the 60s and 70s, when no environmental sources and books could be found in the country. The publication of various environmental books filled this gap and this issue has played a great role in increasing the level of awareness of students and experts in this field, Dr. Rezaei added. Many of these resources are still referenced in universities. The faculty members of Gorgan University added that one of the most important views of Majnounian in protecting areas has been the will of local communities and attracting their participation, and paying attention to their interests in managing protected areas can be very effective. 


At the end of the webinar, Dr. Mehran Habibi Rezaei, President FIrBS while thanking the webinar participants, emphasized the growing need of the society for people such as the late Majnounian in the current situation and environmental challenges in the world. He stressed that in a situation where humans threaten their habitat and plant and animal species, namely the planet, by changing the use of natural resources; this is a declaration of war against nature.

 The balance between habitat and human beings should beconsidered as a necessity, and the existence of people like the late Majnonian is necessary to know the habitat and establish balance. The imbalance will lead to food insecurity for humans, climate change and even the spread of diseases such as Covid-19, and may completely disrupt urban patterns in the future. The way out of this crisis is to rely on science and knowledge of nature and environmental protection. Dr. Habibi, a Professor at the University of Tehran, while emphasizing the expansion of scientific associations in the two unions, as well as international cooperation, emphasized the continuation of the path of  Majnounian. He announced the drafting of regulations for awarding the Book of the Year Award in honor of Henrik Majnonian by scientific associations.They also mentioned the efforts of scientific associations to prepare a Majnonian's statue with the help of the Tehran Municipality and install it in the Darabad Conversation Park or Museum as a memorial.

Dr. Baris Majnonian, University Professors and Veterans by the background of environmental sciences, as well as his friends, including the President of the World Heritage Institute, spoke in his memory, and the ceremony continued with the distribution of clips of his photos and books.



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