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Invasive species, as the second threat to biodiversity; the subject of cooperation between the FIRBS and the Convention on Biological Diversity

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  • Date: 1399/06/28

cooperation between the FIRBS and the Convention on Biological Diversity

In recent decades, the indiscriminate introduction of non-native species and the invasion of some of these species has occurred in the country. Therefore, following the FIRBS's letter to the Minister of Jihad for Agriculture regarding the crisis and at the request of the Biodiversity Working Group, a joint meeting was held by the presence of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) presidency, FIrBS presidency, head and members of working group at the Secretariat of the National Authority for the CBD on Tuesday 15 September 2020. In this meeting, while expressing the relevant concerns and enumerating the related upstream documents and rules, the most important challenges and necessities, especially the need for the formation of centralized management extra-ministerial and independent organization in controlling and monitoring the introduction of non-native species and environmental risk assessment of these species for planting or propagation licenses were addressed. At this meeting, as a matter of priority, joint short-term and long-term plans were deliberated by CBD and FIRBS though continual meetings.  

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World Climate Change Day

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  • Date: 1400/08/01

A scientific memoir of Dr. Mahnaz Rabbani, a faculty member of the Fisheries Science Research Institute, will be published on the occasion of World Climate Change Day.