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Henrik Majnonian, one of the most influential Iranian environmentalists passed away

  • Source: Admin
  • Date: 1399/05/17

Henrik Majnonian

Henrik Majnonian, a retired faculty member of the Faculty of Environment and one of the most influential and well-known scientists in the field of writing and translating environmental sources, passed away on Tuesday, August 5, at the age of 69. Born in 1330 in the city of Urmia has published invaluable sources, including more than 57 books and a wide range of environmental content over the past half-century, which many of them are the foundation of knowledge and guidance for the activists, experts and students in the field of environment and natural resources. FIrBS extends its condolences to the family and the life science societies/community on the passing of that researcher, author, and environmentalist of our country.  May God bless him and his soul be at peace.

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  • Source: admin
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