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Participation of Bioscience and Agriculture societies in holding the first meeting to select a representative to the National Council for Biosafety

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  • Date: 1399/03/10

Holding the first election meeting of the member societies

Pursuant to the Biosafety Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran - approved on 07/05/1388, and in implementation of the resolution of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the FIrBS, Board of Directors of Agricultural Sciences, coordination with the Secretariat of the MSRT Commission of  Societies, also due to the importance of convergence, solidarity, and synergy between societies, a joint meeting of the authorized representatives of 15 associations from 25 invited member societies were held on 2/29/1399 from 5 to 8 p.m. Participating societies emphasized the status and necessity of holding the first centralized election to elect a representative with the support of the member societies to join the council. Among 3 candidates present at the meeting, Dr. Behzad Gharehyazi was selected, then introduced to the Secretariat of the societies Commission as the representative of the relevant scientific societies.

FIrBS appreciate the active presence and participation of member societies in the first election meeting to elect a joint representative of the relevant societies.


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