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The readiness of FIrBS to carry out risk assessments and ecological studies before introducing alien species

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  • Date: 1399/03/8

risk assessments and ecological studies before introducing alien species

The increasing trend of introducing the alien species and invasive species in the country's terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems is very upsetting, which has caused irreparable economic effects and their detrimental effect on the unique biodiversity and species of Iran. Regarding this environmental crisis, the first meeting of "Alien and Invasive Species" in the FIrBS’ Biodiversity committee by the attendance of specialists and experts in biodiversity and ecology from universities and research institutes were held on-line at 6-10 pm on Saturday, July 4. In this meeting, the history and current status of alien species and invasive (AIS) in the country were reviewed, and the issue of lack of knowledge, even at the level of experts and managers of the country the importance basic actions, particularly given the importance of training at all levels were emphasized. The invasive plant and animal species i.e. Azolla, Blue hyacinth, Paulownia, American honeycomb, Tilapia, Sea bass fish, Raccoon, etc.  Are the threats to the relevant habitats and other relevant organisms, as well as cause economic loss in the country. A case study of tilapia as a symbol of an invasive species could well illustrate the structural problems in the country, including weaknesses in the law, unprofessional plans of executive organizations, and lack of attention from research and educational institutions. This meeting stressed the need to conduct risk assessments and ecological studies before the introduction of alien species, emphasizing the importance of monitoring and managing invasive species such as tilapia and its lack of development in the country. As well, the preparation of a technical report on this issue and its environmental, economic and social consequences in the vulnerable habitats of the country, is on the committee’s agenda with the participation of experts in this field, presenting the report to the relevant official authorities as soon as possible. In the end, the Federation of Iran Bioscience Societies announced its full readiness to conduct risk assessments for the entry of alien species.

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