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Holding an environmental assessment summit on the Petroleum mulching in Azadegan plain

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  • Date: 1399/02/01

environmental assessment summit on the Petroleum mulching in Azadegan plain

Due to the concerns about the possible environmental consequences of petroleum mulching in Azadegan plain )Beit-Kusar region of Khuzestan(, which is currently being discussed by biologists and environmentalists in the country, this issue was discussed in the first meeting of the FIrBS’ Biodiversity committee by the presence of members experts in the field of desertification. This meeting was held on-line at 19-22h pm on Saturday, April 20. After presenting a brief report on implementation operations by the project consultants, the environmental consequences of mulching in the mentioned area were discussed. In continue, the requirements and necessities of the petroleum mulching and possible alternative solutions such as the use of non-oil mulch with less environmental consequences were raised as the committee concerns on the current fragile and unique ecosystem. The members of the FIrBS biodiversity committee strictly recommended deep caution on the project consequences and stopping   petroleum mulching until then. Accordingly, the committee ratified preparing a technical report on the mulching project and its consequences on the biodiversity of the fragile ecosystem with unique species in the region with the presence of all interested experts in the field.

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World Climate Change Day

  • Source: admin
  • Date: 1400/08/01

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